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Kids party

Dance your party !

Fees *:

250$ (Taxes included)

* May vary according to demand

For your part, bring:

-Snacks and cake

-Your personal decoration 

-Plates and cutlery

According to your choice of theme 😉

Why not celebrate your child's birthday at DansEncorps?

Your child invites his or her friends and they learn together, with a teacher from the School, a choreography to a song of the birthday boy or girl's choice. The perfect way to celebrate a special day!

On the program:

- One hour of dance / animation in our studios 
-Time for presents and cake for a happy birthday party

-Private use of our facilities (studios, checkroom, mini fridge, tables and chairs provided).

-All in an Cultural Center located in downtown Moncton.


For a  2 hours package

For a request / quote:

Crédit photo: Annie France Noël

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