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  • When will the next registrations take place?
    -For the winter 2024 session ❄️: registration is now closed. It is still possible to register for a drop-in throughout the session. -For summer camp and intensive 2024 ☀️: -Online registration for summer camp (ages 5 to 12) is now open! -For the intensive course: registration coming soon. -For the fall session 2024 🍁: Registration will take place in September. ⚠️ All course registration MUST be done online (portal creation is required), but when it comes time to pay, you can do so directly in the portal with your credit card (a convenience fee applies) or in person during office hours.
  • When do classes for 2024 Winter term start?
    Classes for 2024 Winter term start on Saturday, January 13th.
  • Can I register online ?
    Yes, you can register online via our Parent Portal on the website! Course registration MUST be done online (creating your portal is required), but when it comes time to pay, you can do so directly in the portal with your credit card (a convenience fee applies) or in person during office hours (check, cash, debit, credit). 🛑 For cardholders or to purchase a Class card: in-person registrations remain the only option for now.
  • What are your office hours?
    Here is the office schedule (Hiver): -Monday : closed -Tuesday to Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m -Friday: 10am to 6pm -Saturday: 9am to 12:45pm -Sunday: closed
  • I don't know how to register online.
    We have a guide to online registration here or in the "online registration" tab :) If you still don't know how to do it, please contact the office and we'll be happy to help.
  • Where can I find the schedule for the Winter Term?
    The schedule is in the "current session" tab, just click on the clock icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Is there a dance costume required?
    You can find details about the required costume here:
  • What types of payment are accepted?
    -Online: payment by credit card is accepted (a convenience fee applies) -In person: We accept payment by cash, check, or debit card. Credit card is accepted, but with an additional charge of 2.65%. E-transfer payments are not accepted.
  • How do levels A,B,C,D work?
    Level A is for those with less than a year of dance experience, with Level D being the most complex. Note that you would have to go through the Intro courses before you can go to level A. The student will be evaluated by the teacher throughout the session. He will then decide whether or not the student will change class or not for the next session. Variations may apply depending on the age and level of the participant.
  • My child has already danced Jazz A, but he wants to change and do Contemporary (which he has never done). In which level should I register it?
    In this case, the student can try Contemporary B. The teacher will then judge whether it is possible for the student to continue in B or if he should go to A.
  • Comment fonctionne le changement de niveau ?
    During the winter session, students remain in the same class as in the fall, with no change of group. After each Winter term, we send out a certificate stating whether or not the student will change levels for the next term. Students are placed at the level where teachers feel their current abilities can best be exploited. Placement and classification of levels is a collaborative effort and is left to the discretion of the Management. The main factors in the decision are the student's abilities and skills. Other factors considered are frequency, class attendance, consistency, commitment and years of training.
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