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Creative Dance
(3 to 6 years old)

A class where the child is both stimulated and directed towards creation, through games and movements, while learning the basic elements of dance.


The body is the instrument that communicates emotions. The technique is based on the different dynamics that express the whole person


hip hop

A popular and contemporary dance class that teaches street and more commercial hip-hop styles.



This technique is an extension of classical dance and is very demanding. Authorization is required to be accepted to this type of class.



Formal and demanding technical style that develops in particular the musicality and precision of the movements.



A technical course that borrows from modern, classical and Hip Hop, but that stands out for its style, execution and musicality.


Body Placement

This course is particularly suited to adults who want to get back in touch with their body in a gradual and efficient way.

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Barre Fit

Inspired by ballet exercises at the barre, this workout will challenge you while being appropriate for all levels. Enjoy the benefits of ballet such as improved posture, agility, flexibility, improved muscle tone and much more.

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