Pre-professional Program

The DansEncorps Pre-Professional Program  was developed over the years to help youth in the area live out their passion for dance, as others do for sports or music. We are very proud of our pre-professional program, the only one of its kind in Canada. It is available to anyone who wishes one day to train as a professional dancer and make dance their career, without having to leave their family.


The program provides three progressive levels of achievement, from most simple to most complex in regard to specific skills, requirements and objectives.


Auditions are held annually, usually in August (following the summer intensive), and the call goes out to all young persons who wish to explore dance and be able to pursue professional dance training after high school.


The program is entirely non-competitive, except when performances are evaluated by peers for participation in provincial, national or international events. Students’ on-stage experience and choreographic creation act as a balance for their technical work.  The aim is to dance, on stage or in other public spaces, as often as possible. The various levels are identified as Spécial Spécial (age 8), Spécial Jeune (ages 10 and older) and Jeune Troupe (ages 13 and over).

The auditions for the pre-professionnal program for the 2020-2021 season is on August 14th : 

Spécial Spécial
Minimum of 3.25 hrs/week
Students in the Spécial Spécial group, aged 8 or over and dancing at the intermediate level, take two compulsory technical classes per week (including classical dance) and one rehearsal per week, must attend one week of DansEncorps’ Summer Intensive, and must be part of the annual show Création Danse, as well as the year-end recital.
Spécial Spécial students are occasionally asked to join the Jeune Troupe in performance and on tour

Spécial Spécial 2019-2020

Olivia Bastarache, Émilie Hewitt, Anne Sophie LeBlanc, Audrey Côté

Élodie Losier, Léora Imbeault, Zasia Henry Seebach, Adrie Anne Saulnier

Claire Chiasson, Gabrielle Doiron, Audrey Goguen Ménard, Jolyanne Le Breton

Spécial Jeune

Minimum of 5.75 hrs/week

Students in the Spécial Jeune group, aged 10 or over and dancing at the intermediate level, take three compulsory technical classes per week (including classical dance) and must attend two week of DansEncorps’ Summer Intensive. Students in this group must also create a dance piece for the Création Danse event.


Spécial Jeune students often participate in Jeune Troupe’s performances.

  Spécial Jeune 2019-2020

Ève Clément, Jenessa Dunsing, Ophélie Chiasson, Stella Rose Arsenault

Chanelle Michaud, Carolyn Doucette, Christina Mamelona

Pénélope McIntyre, Morgan LeBlanc Mazerolle

Jeune Troupe 2019-2020

Olivia Pedneault Doucet, Clara Gray, Sophie Marcotte

Sophie Gray, Sophie Léger, Elexie Tracy

Annabelle Iancu, Sayem Portilla Villalon, Daphnée McIntyre

Jeune Troupe

Miminum of 8hrs/week

DansEncorp’s Young Company, the Jeune Troupe, represents the final level of achievement, for students at the advanced level. Its members, aged 13 and over, face increased requirements : three compulsory 90-minute technical classes, one physical training session, and a minimum of two rehearsals per week. Students must create a piece for Création Danse each year, and at the end of Grade 12, a solo piece for their year-end recital. Members of this group are committed to their art, and become our emerging dance artists.


The Jeune Troupe performs in more than fifteen events throughout the year. This helps its members develop a good work ethics and acquire stage experience at major venues.

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