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Pre-professional Program

The DansEncorps pre-professional program has developed over the years to allow young Francophones in our region to live their passion for the art of dance as much as for sports or music.  


The DansEncorps pre-professional program is unique in Canada and we are very proud of it, especially since it is accessible to everyone and allows young people to prepare themselves to one day follow a training or professional career without having to leave their family environment.

The program is divided into three stages of progression, from the simplest to the most complex, both in terms of skills and requirements and specific objectives to be achieved. It is entirely non-competitive, except for peer-reviewed performances at provincial, national and international events. Stage and choreographic experience balance the technical work. The goal is to dance on stage or in other public places as often as possible.



Auditions are usually held in August (after the summer intensive program) and are advertised to provide opportunities for all young people who wish to explore dance and pursue professional dance studies after high school. 

Each stage has a name : Spécial Spécial (10 years and up), Spécial Jeune (13 years and up) et Jeune Troupe (15 years and up).

Special Special


Sophie Belliveau, Dani Belliveau, Anaïs Chianetta, Claire Chiasson, Alia Clarkson, Dominique Lamontagne, Mira LeBlanc-Bernier,  Lucien Rochon-Paris, Sarah Rogers,  Janik Savoie

Spécial Jeune


 Audrey Goguen-Ménard, Zasia Henry Seebach, Emilie Hewitt, Léora Imbeault, Adrie-Anne Saulnier

Jeune Troupe


 Ophélie Chiasson,   Annabelle Iancu, Sophie Marcotte, Christina Mamelona, Pénélope McIntyre.

2021-2022 Pre-professionnal program 
2022 August 12th Show

Audition now* !

*The official auditions are over, but a private audition is possible! Just send us the audition form and your availability by email to It's not too late to be part of the program :) 

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